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Been up for nearly 24 hours at this point with only 3 hours of sleep the night before.  Got a call at 3:30am  yesterday morning, buddy broke down on the side of the road.  I love that I’m the friend that get this call, being that I’m hundreds of miles away from him.  See now, not only is Joe the friend that will call at any hour for almost any reason, he’s also the friend that refuses to move into this century and get a smart phone.   So while the rest of the world can look up a tow truck on their phone when they’re miles away from home, Joe has to call me in the middle of the night to find him a local tow company.

Gotta love him though, dude’s had it rough; his own doing, but my heart breaks for the guy.   Time and time again, same mistakes, same misguided resolutions, same results.  He never listens.   Crazy thing is I hadn’t talked to him in almost year.  I’d heard he gotten himself into the same old trouble again and was avoiding me, even told people not to tell me what happened.   Until 3:30 in the morning nowhere near home he breaks a u-joint.  

So why does he call me then?

Good question, good answer too.  My number is the only one he can remember, not his momma’s, not pop’s, mine.  I think its the most stable thing he has in his life.  His number of course would be the most unstable thing in mine.   I just keep prayin’ for him.  He don’t listen to no one, not even God.  I tell him every time, “bro the Lords calling you, He’s trying to get your attention, the more you run, the more He’s gonna shake things up.”

I ran for years myself, until that was the only place to run to, completely broken.    It doesn’t have to be that hard but looking back I wouldn’t of had any other way, it makes me praise Him that much more, knowing where I was, where I could of been; 6 years and I still cant’t put words to it…..shelah.        

Wasn’t planning on going down that road tonight, but here we are……wow, I’m lost for now…..Thank you God for saving me.      

Smokey’s out ya’ll.

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