We want Prissy!

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Me too.

So where is Prissy?

At the moment she’s actually in the next room asleep; over worked, over stressed, under paid, and way under appreciated.  I’m not taking the blame for all those, but I’m not an easy person to live with most of the time.  I get caught up in my own stress and my over sized, never ending to do list way to often.  I’m constantly  getting upset with her because my hands are so full and it seems like I can’t get a hand.   But the truth is hers are just as full as mine.

She’ll be here when she can.  This place was actually her idea, work has just been overwhelming lately and hasn’t allowed her the time to stop by let it all out.  She should have a bunch saved up (repressed) when she finally gets here.  Then things outta really get interesting around here.

I think I may be a bit scared.

We did agree to take it all off here, for each other and the world to see.  I’m anxious to see where this goes, if it will be a way to communicate things that normally would go left unsaid.  If that seems dysfunctional to anyone, we don’t really care.  People will write things they would never say, expose themselves in ways they would never think they would.    I think when you write you hit this spot where it just flows.  You stop thinking, you stop trying and then you stop hiding.   You start poring out on to the paper; or the keyboard, you start learning about yourself too.

I cant’t see straight right now, I’m actually nodding of right now; trying to hit that spot where it flows. Sorry guys,Smokey’s gotta go.

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