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Life’s been crazy the last couple weeks.  If anybody out there has found their way here and read what little is here, I’d bet the feel pretty teased at this point, all that set up and nothing for 11 days. That’s lame.  The tease was definitely on purpose, me just having fun.  Eleven days and no post, most definitely not on purpose.

adjective: frustrated
  1. feeling or expressing distress and annoyance, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
    “young people get frustrated with the system”
      1. (of a person) unable to follow or be successful in a particular career.
        “a frustrated actor”
      2. prevented from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled.
        “our parents may want us to fulfill their own frustrated dreams”
      3. (of a person or sexual desire) unfulfilled sexually.
        “jealousies and frustrated passions

I just looked up the definition of frustrated and Whoa!, that’s the most perfect word to describe the most un-perfect way I feel.   This picture was taken of me yesterday, without my permission,


Just kidding, I’m not green.

Seriously though, like my green friend there, my frustration is over the top and raging out of control.  I was hurt to read the word distress in that definition, life feels so chaotic and fast lately, I feel sometimes like putting up the white flag.  I just don’t know how to, which is equally as frustrating.   There such a burn in me right now to do so much, but it feels like there is no time and no resources to do any of it.  There’s been a constant nagging of failure with each passing second of the day, a constant rush because it should of  all been done long ago.  Seems like I’m disappointing everyone around me, but that’s a weight I put on myself.  I try it all again though, everyday, I’m to stubborn to learn how to quit.   Its not always a bad thing in life though, it has it fruitful arenas. I stumbled in to this earlier today,


That’s the game plan.

To the guys out there,                                                                                                            Being  stubborn with your wife is not one of the fruitful arenas I mentioned, except on very rare occasions.

To the ladies out there,                                                                                                                      Being  stubborn with your husband  is not one of the fruitful arenas I mentioned, except on very rare occasions.

Don’t let your pride tell you that your not stubborn.  Don’t be to stubborn to humble yourself when you’ve been prideful.

Check back soon, maybe I’ll have something more than me venting and working out my crap, or maybe I won’t.  I did say we were gonna let ya’ll in to our world, here’s my take today.  Smokey’s out…


P.S.(what the hell does that stand for?)                                                                                               Prissy, I love you baby! See I know.

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