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Sometimes life just has more to do than time to do it all in.  I don’t think that if I had the time to be here in the last two months that I’d would of been able to process any thoughts that I would of liked to put down.  Smokey’s Take On It is a blur lately,  like a race car zooming around a track at 200 MPH.  Day in and day out and then months are gone, then years.  Life is starting to feel to short these days to be flying by so quickly.  Its a bit depressing at this moment to think about….All the things to do (that don’t matter), things you want to (the ones that really matter but life never lets you do), changes you to make, the person you want to become but never seem to be.  It started this journey inside myself and I just realized that it began two years ago and I if I’ve moved at all its been backwards.    Hell, I started this site in April and look at what little I’ve done.   I don’t even know what the crap I’m doing here,  its right there, just out of reach.  I can never grab it …..anything…..It feels like everything I’ve ever wanted, things I’ve burned for, have always just been barely out of reach.  I may have quit chasing.  I think Iv’e chased all my dreams away like a dog chasing a damn cat up a tree.  The dog sits there barking at the cat, maybe jumps and claws up the tree but he knows he can’t climb the tree.   The cat’s stuck with nowhere to go as long as the dog is still there.  The two forever locked in a dance that no ones dancin’.  What the hell to do……………………….

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