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So I was wasting time on the internet today (Facebook is such a distraction) and came across an article on the value of our time.  Struck me really hard; 1. because I was wasting time when I should of been working, and for 2. see my post Frustrated.  I’ll sum it up for you guys, gals too(uhhum Prissy).

Time is the strongest currency we have.  Every week we are given 10, 080 minutes to use how we see fit.

How do you use yours?  Do you waste it looking at what everyone else is doing, or not doing on Facebook, do you zone out watching dumb videos on YouTube? Maybe you sit in front of the tv for 3 hours melting you brain, there’s a 180 minutes.

What are you investing your time in?  Are these investments bringing you a return or is that time gone forever?

Do you find yourself complaining that you don’t have enough time (yup); and how dare someone ask you to for some of your time.

The way we invest our time can reap the greatest rewards, or the greatest losses.  Losses being the time you do absolutely nothing with.

Imagine those 10, 080 minutes where 10, 080 dollars.  Remember that’s weekly.   Would you spend those dollars the same as you spend your time?   Would you be as greedy with them as you are with your time?   Would you waste them the way you do minutes, invest them in the things you do.

Remember this: There’s no refunds with your time, no getting back whats gone.

Kind of short today and not so much my own words, but hopefully thought provoking.

Hopefully inspiring.

Smokey out…


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